Out of all the countless hits the Michael Jackson has given us throughout his career, I gotta say that "Bad" is one of my least favorite. I don't think it really has much to do with the actual song either - by that I mean, there's really nothing wrong with it musically. I guess what bothers me the most is what MJ was trying to do, or convey, with "Bad."

Michael is a tough guy all of the sudden? The song is one thing, but the video is what really turned me off, and made me laugh. He takes himself way too seriously doesn't he? It just seems completely out of the realm of possibility for me to think of Michael Jackson as a dude that I might be afraid to run in to in a parking garage. There is nothing, not one single thing I can think of, that makes Michael Jackson 'bad.'

I say this as a preface to my introduction of this video. I say this, because in this case, I welcome any kind of parody or alternate version of the song. I might be a little more protective of other MJ songs, but not "Bad." Truth be told, what they do here is actually quite good.

This bluegrass version of "Bad" comes from the guys on the There I Ruined It YouTube channel. Side note: They win for best YouTube channel name of the day! Really, the only criticism I can offer up is that the song isn't long enough. It's like they did one verse and chorus and just stopped. I say keep on going - give us the full version - I think I prefer it in this case. Heehee! Shamone!

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