This is REGINALD, our Thursday Pet of the Week from It Takes a Village in Evansville.

REGINALD seems like such a fancy name, doesn't it? I feel like I need to put a "Sir" in front of it. So, let me tell you about Sir REGINALD. He is a 3-year-old, litter box-trained, medium-sized Tabby with adorable chubby cheeks and a heartwarming personality.


Our friends at It Takes a Village say he would make the ultimate lap cat, and he is ready to cuddle up and share his affection with you. REGINALD is incredibly friendly and craves companionship. He gets along really well with other cats, which would make him a great addition to a multi-cat household.


If you think you might be ready to welcome REGINALD into your life, go ahead and fill out an online adoption application, or you can meet REGINALD during ITV's open hours.

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All of the animals at ITV are examined by a veterinarian, given age-appropriate vaccinations, dewormed, microchipped, spayed or neutered, and FIV/FeLV-tested.

If our pet of the week isn’t the right fit for your home, please visit It Takes a Village to see the other rescues that need to get fostered and adopted. And don't forget about their RENT A DOG Program. A quick fill form and copy of your photo ID will allow you time out with one of ITV's vetted shelter dogs. These day dates are great for the rescues - it gets them some exercise and new information to help us get them adopted. It’s been a big hit- so don’t miss out!

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