Say what you want about Vincent van Gogh, the guy has some of the most iconic pieces of art.  From Starry Night to Sunflowers he created pieces that we are still in awe over.  Yes, he did a few questionable things in his life but hey, we’ve all been there, right?

You’re probably wondering “Okay, Ross what’s the point here?”  Well, the reason we are talking about the famous artist, is because in the summer of 2021 there is going to be an exhibit dedicated to van Gogh that is like no other.

The Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields will be bringing some of the artist’s most iconic pieces to life with an immersive exhibit, the LUME Indianapolis.  How this works is that at the museum the entire fourth floor with have 150 high-definition projectors that will allow you to step into van Gogh’s artwork.

“This new way of experiencing art will be truly multi-sensory. Artwork will come alive through the use of cutting-edge projection technology, music, food, and even cocktails,” said Museum CEO Charles L. Venable.

First off, getting to experience art with a cocktail sounds awesome!  What else is really cool about this exhibit is how you get to see the artwork.  The projectors display the artwork from the floor to ceiling and it’s three dimensional.  You can literally walk around inside a van Gogh painting.  Talk about totally immersing yourself in art.

“Modern audiences want more than static gallery experiences…Rather, they want highly engaging ones that blur the boundaries between cultural events like viewing art in an art museum, attending concerts, going to the movies, dining in a restaurant and ordering drinks at a bar."

This will not be one of those exhibits where you walk in a circle and see paintings on the wall.  You, in a way, become a part of the art.  The LUME will officially open in June 2021.  Who wants to road trip to Indy with me?

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