has compiled the top 25 best cities for jobs!  Check the list now! 

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Glassdoor, a popular search engine, "measured the hiring opportunity, cost of living and job satisfaction of the 50 most populated metro areas in the U.S. and graded each of them on a five-point scale."

The company also accounted for the median home value and median base salary of jobs available in each city.

Top 25 Best Cities for Jobs 2017

  1. Pittsburgh, PA
  2. Indianapolis, IN
  3. Kansas City, MO
  4. Raleigh-Durham, NC
  5. St. Louis, MO
  6. Memphis, TN
  7. Columbus, OH
  8. Cincinnati, OH
  9. Cleveland, OH
  10. Louisville, KY
  11. Birmingham, AL
  12. Detroit, MI
  13. Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
  14. Hartford, CT
  15. Oklahoma City, OK
  16. Washington, DC
  17. Seattle, WA
  18. Atlanta, GA
  19. Baltimore, MD
  20. Nashville, TN
  21. Milwaukee, WI
  22. San Jose, CA
  23. Chicago, IL
  24. Charlotte, NC
  25. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

For more information and details on the Top 25 Best Cities for Jobs visit Glassdoor

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