It’s finally here! Cotton Candy Grape Season! But how could grapes taste just like a sugary treat, but still be grapes?

Cotton Candy Grapes by Grapery. Photo by Liberty
Cotton Candy Grapes by Grapery. Photo by Liberty


It’s all about science. You know how we have a ton of apple varieties to choose from – well, it’s kind of like that. Cotton candy grapes don’t have any artificial flavors, and they are not genetically engineered. The cotton candy grape is basically a hybrid between two different types of grapes. As awesome as these are, the Grapery isn’t stopping there. They are developing other flavors and shapes of grapes as we speak! All of the flavors are only available for a short period of time, so stop what you are doing & go get yours today!

I’ve seen them locally at The Fresh Market, Sam’s Club, and Schnuck’s.

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