I have been to St. Louis many times, but this is the first I'm hearing about The Lemp Mansion, a haunted mansion that you can actually stay in. Honestly, I'm terrified of ghosts, and would never willingly stay in an establishment that calls itself haunted. I would be tempted to walk around the property, just to see if it felt haunted.

Death Equals Spooky

After doing a little reading, I kind of don't think I need to see it in person to guarantee that spirits call it home. CNN Travel named the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis one of the "10 Spookiest Buildings in the World". They may not be evil, but judging from the history of this mansion, they are troubled. A total of three family members died by suicide over the years. One man even killed his dog. Yikes.

Lemp Mansion
Lemp Mansion

Remember Falstaff Beer?

As I delved deeper into the chilling history of the Lemp Mansion, I discovered that it was once the luxurious residence of the Lemp family, renowned brewers of the famous Falstaff beer. The Lemp family was once at the pinnacle of St. Louis society, but their fortunes took a dark turn. The mansion, now shrouded in eerie legends, is believed to be haunted by the tormented spirits of the Lemp family.

Lemp Mansion
Lemp Mansion

Haunted Restaurant

The haunting isn't limited to the hallways or guest rooms. The Huffington Post named the restaurant at the Lemp Mansion as one of five 'Haunted Restaurants Where You Can Have a Spooky Dinner'. Imagine sitting down for a meal in a place where the walls could tell you tales of sorrow and despair. The restaurant's eerie ambiance adds an extra layer of intrigue to the entire experience. From ghostly apparitions to unexplained sounds, diners have reported strange occurrences that have left them both spooked and intrigued.

Look Inside One of The Most Haunted Buildings in St. Louis

After doing a little reading, I don't think that I need to see it in person to guarantee that spirits call it home. 
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A Look At the Abandoned Once Great Millennium Hotel In St. Louis

The abandoned Millennium Hotel near The Gateway Arch and Busch Stadium was once one of St. Louis' great riverfront hotels. Since its abandonment several years ago, time, decay, and urban explorers have all taken their toll on the building. Unconfirmed reports of asbestos or other contamination in the building make it even more unattractive and expensive to rehab or tear down and redevelop. Millenium Hotels, who still apparently own the hotel, don't seem all that interested in redeveloping, remodeling, or selling the facility either.

Check out these photos, from a video shot several years ago before time began to ravage the complex. They're from a Youtube video shot by BackyardExploration seven years ago. You can check out more recent photos of the hotel's decline here.

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

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