Rockford's favorite pizza has been decided for 2023 and the race was very close at the top.

We asked on the Q98.5 Facebook According to your taste buds, who serves the BEST PIZZA in the Stateline?

It's been a while since I've done one of these and I was happy to see some new entries on the list.

I'm not saying that these pizza joints are new because they aren't, but it seems that people are starting to notice them more.

Capri Restaurant via Facebook
Capri Restaurant via Facebook

I was also a bit surprised to see Capri on the list considering they didn't serve one slice of pizza all year after a fire at their restaurant forced them to close in October of 2022. With word of Capri reopening at a new location in 2024, they might be at the top of the "Best Pizza in Rockford" list for next year. For now, they have to settle for 4th.

Overall,  I think this is a very solid list of 23 different pizza joints you can't go wrong ordering at just about any day of the week.

The Top 23 of 2023's Most Popular Rockford Pizza Joints

Rockford's favorite pizza has been decided for 2023 and it's tied way up at the top.

Gallery Credit: Sweet Lenny

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