This song is a truly empowering tribute to motherhood.

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The Power of Music

Like many, I was raised with a love for music.  It's truly powerful the way music can make you feel a wide range of emotions.  There are some songs I listen to and they make me feel invincible, and like I can conquer the world.  Then other songs, can absolutely get me right in my feelings and move me to tears.  This song is one of those.

One Tough Mother

This morning Ryan and I took the Q Crew Morning Show on the road to Henderson.  This show was special because we got to feature a few of the songwriters who will be featured this weekend at the annual Sandy Lee Watkins Songwriters Festival (more on that below.  This morning we got to sit and talk with a few seriously talented songwriters and hear a couple of their songs.  All of the songs we heard this morning were absolutely incredible in their own right, but when Joel Shewmaker shared his new song 'One Tough Mother' with us, PHEW did it make me tear up a little.


Above is a still of Joel Shewmake performing 'One Tough Mother' on WKDQ this morning.

The song perfectly captures motherhood and all of the ups and downs that come along with it.  I think this song struck a chord with me because my son is about to be 2 and so I'm right there in the chaos of early motherhood.  The lyric that really got me was "It's out the door with keys in one hand, whole world hanging from the other"  I don't think a line could better sum up what it's like to try to rush out the door with a little one in tow.

The song goes on to an empowering chorus:

She's one tough mother you better believe

She's singlehandedly more of a man than some men will ever be.

She's one tough mother

She ain't gonna break

She's strong

She's selfless

She's fearless

and she's brave

She makes it all look like it ain't nothing while she's getting it done

Taking care of everything except for number one

She's one tough mother

Joel's song is truly an empowering tribute to motherhood. It struck a chord with me because at times it made me think of how I feel at times as a mother, but it also made me think of my own mother, who is everything Joel sings about in his chorus.

If you want to catch Joel he will be in Henderson performing at the Sand Lee Watkins Songwriters Festival.  If you can't make it to the songwriters festival, you can catch up with Joel and hear more of his music, here.

Sandy Lee Watkins Songwriters Festival

Every year Henderson, Kentucky is home to a very unique music festival because this one features songwriters.   The event brings in more than 20 songwriters and even some Grammy Award winners.   The festival takes place this weekend in  Henderson, you can catch the full lineup, and ticket information here.  This year among the songwriters on the roster are two who are no stranger to the annual festival, Don Sampson who wrote "Waitin' on Woman" for Brad Paisley, and Tony Arata, the writer behind "The Dance" from Garth Brooks.

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