Tears for Fears have released “Break the Man,” the third single from their upcoming album The Tipping Point. The track begins with haunting, ambient tones before the gripping vocals kick in.

The opening verse is a call to action, with Curt Smith singing, “This was never what I thought it was / This is not who we are / This is when someone was meant to say, enough is enough.”

After continuing to lament the way people treat each other, the singer introduces a female protagonist for the chorus: “She’s the fire and the fallout / She reminds you of the things we never talk about / She’s the lover with the best laid plan to break a man.”

“‘Break The Man’ is about a strong woman and breaking the patriarchy,” Smith, who co-wrote the song along with guitarist Charlton Pettus, explained in a press release. “I feel that a lot of the problems we’ve been having as a country and even worldwide to a certain degree has come from male dominance. It’s a song about a woman who is strong enough to break the man. For me, that would be an answer to a lot of the problems in the world – a better male-female balance.”

You can listen to “Break the Man” below.

The new single arrives on the heels of "No Small Thing" and the title track, two previous tracks released from The Tipping Point. The album, which marks Tears for Fears' first new album in 17 years, arrives Feb. 25. The band is scheduled to tour the U.S. beginning in May.

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