I seem to recall having some pretty cool teachers back in my elementary, middle and high school days. I only wish that we had the technology back then that would allow my teachers to show their creativity the way we so many teachers do it today. In this particular case, I'm talking about Mr. Koenig, the music teacher at Delaware Elementary school, who took advantage of an opportunity to add a little something something to what could have been an ordinary message to students.

In an effort to share the good news that school had been cancelled due to inclement weather, Mr. Koenig showed us his best Rob Van Winkle (aka Vanilla Ice) impression with his performance of "Ice Day Baby". Not only did he write his only lyrics, but he also has some sweet choreography to match what he's spittin'. Any song that mentions Donut Bank and the Electric Slide has my attention. And he's rocking that faux-hawk too!

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He certainly didn't have to do the video, right? The Delaware Elementary students would have heard the ice day announcement one way or another. He certainly didn't do it so that I'd write this article about him, and talk about it on the radio. He did it for his kids - hopefully to put a smile on their face, and maybe to show them that it's okay to be a little silly and goofy sometimes. And I certainly agree with you Mr. Koenig - I'd be out of a job if I wasn't allowed to be silly and goofy on a daily basis. He just another example of the many great educators we have here in Evansville and the Tri-State.

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