Turkey Run State Park
Turkey Run State Park

Have you ever experienced a vacation and things just didn't go the way you expected?  That happened to me at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana.  

My first time visiting Turkey Run State Park was in 2015 over the Fourth of July weekend with my husband, Mike, my son, Eric and daughter Emily.  We rented a little cabin and it started out just fine with the sun shining, we went swimming, walked the trails, and made our own campfire meals.

We decided to go tubing on Sugar Creek and right before we left, it began to rain.  Our "tubing expert" told us that it wasn't going to last and it was just a passing shower.  We believed her.  So, we boarded the bus and took off for the creek.

With high hopes the rain would stop, we grabbed an inner tube and started out on our journey.  However,  the rain got worse and worse as we continued winding down the long creek.  And, it got colder, too.  Others were passing us by in canoes and kayaks.  (Why didn't we ask them for a ride!!) We even saw snakes swimming by a lot quicker than us, but, we continued down the creek!

Emily and I got uncontrollable shivering shakes because of the temp in the creek and the pouring rain hitting us!  My son's tube deflated, too. And, bless his heart, he started to sing "Old Man River" as he tried to get our minds off how miserable we were.   After what seemed like 6 hours on that creek in the pouring down rain, it finally stopped when our excursion was over!  Figures. ugh.

We can laugh about now, but, it wasn't funny at the time. The entire tubing experience that my husband was certain we would love, turned into a miserable, rainy, unlucky experience for all of us.

I wish I had more pics to share with you, but, I must have deleted them!  I found just one of Mike and I on the last day of our trip in front of one of the covered bridges.  Have you ever had a bad vacation experience?  Let me know through the MY 1053 APP Chat!

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