One thing most people who live there know about Amarillo, Texas, it's that this city is wildly haunted.

Some of the stories I've read about things happening at the old Summit Elementary building have me a bit creeped out. Mainly because it's not the typical "I just felt there was a presence" or "I started hearing these strange noises". These were very specific...and strange things that people have reported over time.

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For example, there's a story about a former janitor that worked there. Legend has it he absolutely hated his job, and the kids at the school as well. Word is he abused a lot of the kids (we don't know in what manner), but that he loved doing it so much that he came back after he had passed on.

One of the haunts was that there is a boiler room in the school, and no matter how many times it gets cleaned, it remains extremely dusty no matter how they clean it. Legend has it that if you go into that boiler room and draw a stick figure on the ground, it will erase right before your eyes. If this is true, I'm officially creeped out.

There have also been reports of the sound of a mop being sloshed through the building...when no one is around to use it.

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Another tale explains a myriad of things happening. Once the building was purchased, sports teams started holding practices at the building. Kids would start to bring up things they saw and heard.

Apparently, if you went up to the front door and knocked on it, you'd immediately hear a loud boom, like someone telling you to go away. One of the coaches ultimately had that door deadbolted and told everyone to use the side door.

There's also a tale of a swing that just never stopped. It didn't matter if there was full on wind, a breeze or the calmest day in Amarillo history. This swing just kept...on...swinging. If you walked over to stop it and turned away, you'd start to hear the creak of the swing start up again. This one has been reportedly seen by numerous people. Is there a ghost just hanging out on that swing?

If these tales are true, it might be the first time in my life that I'm actually freaked out by a haunting, and it's mainly because there are so many different types of stories. A lot of the time you hear the same ones over and over, but there are just too many things happening at the old Summit Elementary for me to write this one off.

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