The Great Campfire Pizza Pocket!
I don't know about you, but I hate hot dogs. I know, not a popular opinion. It's certainly not very American of me. Although I do not like to eat hot dogs, that does not mean I do not like to spend time outdoors sitting around a campfire. Growing up, my grandparents were always big campers and we would either visit or join them on their adventures...
Backup Generators & Portable Power Stations to Weather Any Storm
If you’ve ever been left in the dark during a strong snow or thunderstorm you’re well aware of just how precious electrical power is. With winter in full-effect (and stormy spring/winter and active hurricane season just months away) now is a great time to purchase some portable back-up power options for your home so you’ll never have to be that guy scrounging off your neighbors during a state of emergency. Prepare to stay calm, cool (or warm) and connected with these highly-rated, best-selling generators.
Beachfront Lake In Kentucky Has Pontoon Rentals
Angel here and for our fifth wedding anniversary Joe and I spent an amazing weekend at a cabin lakefront of Rough River.  After we stayed there we were totally spoiled to that way of life for a vacation.  I found another great Lakefront beach getaway with cabins and I am pumped...

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