Another group of hard-working students are preparing to take a trip of a lifetime. On November 18th these students will join members of local law enforcement, school staff and other chaperones for a 6-day trip to the most magical place on Earth...Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Since 2014, Cops Connecting With Kids has taken over 166 EVSC middle school students on all-expenses paid trips to Disney World. In 2019, students from Henderson, Kentucky will be included too! These trips reward young people for working hard, getting good grades and doing what they're supposed to. It also helps build some really positive relationships between students and law enforcement.

Well now that all of the kids have been selected, we need to make sure they have everything they'll need for a trip to Florida. That's where HANGERS comes in to play. Students were invited to visit the EVSC's clothing resource for a little shopping spree, and we were there to share in the excitement with some of them! Thanks to HANGERS  would letting us be a part of the fun.

While watching this video, keep in mind that these are 11-14 year-old-year middle school students. Kids this age are masters at masking their emotions. Getting a smile and a few words out of them is a win...getting full conversational answers is HUGE. Haha!

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