I am, and forever will be, a huge fan of 90's music...specifically 90's R&B. I have such vivid and fond memories from that time. You wanna see me start to geek out? Start talking to me about groups like Jodeci, Boyz II Men, Bell Biv Devoe, Blackstreet, Guy, Hi-Five, Troop, Silk, Intro...and Shai (I could name a dozen more but I won't). I get so excited when I find a kindred spirit - someone who knows and loves some of those lesser known groups!

Do yourself a favor and look into the groups I listed above. Some of them are kinda obscure and didn't get much radio play here in southern Indiana. While listening, just imagine a 16-20 year Bobby, rockin' a faded flattop and some ridiculous clothes.

You can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon this video while scrolling through Twitter. It's them a cappella boys from Straight No Chaser, hanging out in some random bathroom, covering a classic song from Shai. Not just covering it...straight killing it! It's so good, and it sounds amazing in that room!

And for some comparison...here's the original circa 1992.

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