The year was 1986. The date was September 5. Music videos were a pretty big deal, and MTV still had VJs. What's a VJ, you ask? They played the videos on television, like DJs play music on the radio. That's quite a history lesson right there, but let's go deeper and see some highlights.

The show was hosted by the MTV VJs: Downtown Julie Brown, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter, Martha Quinn, and Dweezil Zappa (He dated Lisa Loeb for several years).

A-ha were the big winners of the night - Even beating Whitney Houston for Best New Artist! Here's a look at them accepting their 'Moon Men'. Pay close attention to Belinda Carlisle fumble with the envelope. She revealed recently that back then, she was pretty much wasted all of the time.

Madonna was the first female artist to win the coveted 'Video Vanguard Award'. I truly believe that she doesn't really know where she's at.

Dire Straits was nominated for eleven awards. The video for 'Money for Nothing' won Video of the Year, fitting since it starts with MTV.

So, I randomly chose 1986 to feature, and I had no idea that INXS performed. This is quite an amazing performance, and really great quality video.

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