I have been a huge fan of Sophie for a couple of years now. She continues to help the community in every way she can with her nonprofit Spreading Kindness with Sophie. Part of her fundraising efforts has incorporated her amazing musical talent. This has led to a new chapter for Sophie; Sophie Annabella Music.

My family and I had the opportunity to see Sophie perform live at Dontae's Highland Pizza Parlor. Let me tell you there are few things cooler than pizza and live music! 

PHOTO: Sophie Annabella Music
PHOTO: Sophie Annabella Music

Sophie has quite an eclectic setlist, especially for a 14-year-old. She can perform anything from Taylor Swift to Tom Petty, Jason Mraz to The Eagles on both acoustic and electric guitars. And now Sophie has started dabbling in songwriting. We actually got to hear two of her originals during her performance.

Heartbroken and Breaking Hearts

Let me tell you, for such a young girl, Sophie's original songs tell stories that pretty much everyone can relate to. I can't remember the name of the first original that Sophie shared with us. I can tell you that it told a story of being stood up by someone that you love and care for. All I could think was 'WHO HURT SOPHIE'?

PHOTO: Sophie Annabella Music
PHOTO: Sophie Annabella Music

"I know I might've grown up too fast, so let's make the next part last."

As a parent of a teenager that is going into high school this year, Sophie's other original song hit me smack in the feels. You know how your baby has grown up way too fast, and time isn't slowing down? Well, this song was written with her moms in mind. It's like a sweet letter to all of us to make every moment count.

Make the Next Part Last - Sophie Annabella

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Unloney- by Jason Mraz

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