Check out former University of Evansville center, Egidius Mockevicius "cutting a rug" at a recent practice for the Brooklyn Nets.

There are countless stories throughout the years, regardless of sport, involving rookies being "required" to do certain things, or perform certain acts, as a rite of passage. Teams in the NFL are notorious for giving rookies ridiculous haircuts, along with having the new guys carrying the veterans equipment. Fortunately for Egidius, he got to keep his hair (for now), although he may have preferred the haircut over the "dance off" he was a part of during a recent practice.

If he's going for the dad-at-his-daughter's-wedding moves, I'd say he nailed it.

The Nets tip-off the 2016-17 season on the road against the Boston Celtics on October 27th.

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