Our weekly This or That segment is intended to not only let YOU learn more about our guests, but it's for US to learn more as well. Often times we don't know how our guests will answer the questions - that's when we, and hopefully you too, start to realize that we have some things in common. But what kind of questions are supposed to ask someone that you already know almost everything about? That's the challenge that I faced with this week's edition of This or That.

The people we play This or That with are usually folks that are somewhat prominent in our area - they maybe work for a non-profit or are a community leader of some sort. I think our guest this week certainly falls into that category. This week we played This or That with my buddy Ryan O'Bryan. Ryan has been in radio for almost as long as I have and has spent his entire career here in the Evansville area. He is the Brand Manager and morning show co-host of 99.5 WKDQ. Ryan is involved with several local charities (too many to list them all) and is the ring announcer/MC for the annual Guns & Hoses charity boxing event with 911 Gives Hope.

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I've known Ryan for well over 20 years, and there aren't too many things about him that would surprise me at this point, including his answers to our questions - although, I was a teeny, tiny bit caught off guard by his answer to question #4. I thought he would at least take a little more time to contemplate his answer. He did not. It apparently was not the challenging question I thought it would be. Take a listen...

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