I am pretty sure that we have had this conversation before but I think it needs to come up again.  I get startled easily.  I do not do well with jump scares or random scary things being placed in spots that I am not expecting them to be.  Well, guess what happened at my office today…

I am all for a little office comradery.  It makes the workday go by a little smoother and it can be very enjoyable.  That being said, placing a life-size zombie doll in the men’s restroom is not the best way to build cohesiveness, in my opinion.  Granted it did make for a good laugh but I almost had a heart attack.

So, I get into work this morning and need to use the restroom.  Nothing out of the ordinary there.  I walk into the bathroom and notice out of the corner of my eye that the first stall is partially opened.  As I pass by it, I get a glimpse of what appears to be someone sitting on the toilet.  I just thought that someone had an emergency and did not have time to close the door.  I walk into the next stall to take care of business and have this terrible feeling something is off.

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First off, I do not recognize the boots that were in the first stall.  For a second, I thought it might be a listener picking up a prize.  Then I realized that the stall door was still partially opened.

“Okay, who is the freak using our bathroom.  Clearly, he does not belong here,” I thought.

At this point, my imagination takes over and I am ready to throw hands with a stranger in the bathroom.  I walk out of the stall I’m in and do a quick turn to face the other half opened stall door.  Again, I’m thinking something is about to go down. Like me teeing off on some dude. None of that happened.   Because as soon as I see what the hell is in the next stall I start laughing.  Perched on the toilet is this 5-foot zombie doll that has been making its way around the office these last two weeks.  We call him Larry.

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So, I carried Larry out of the bathroom, presented him to a few of the ladies in the office, and asked who the genius was behind Larry’s bathroom visit.  Turns out, it was a team effort by a couple of our sales reps and maybe, potentially, not 100 percent sure our boss.  They all had a good laugh.  I’m glad that THEY did because I think it took an hour for my heart rate to drop back down to normal.

I should be honest and admit that I did put Larry somewhere where we would eventually startle not one, but two of my co-workers.  Hey, if I got scared by this thing it’s only fair that my friends did as well.

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