It's been a very weird week of weather here in the Tri-State.  On Friday we woke up to a city covered in ice forcing last minute school cancellations, two days later we had temperatures in the 60's!  This week has been warm considering it's the first week of February.  Well it looks like it's not getting any less crazy as the work week continues.

We spoke to WEHT/Eyewitness News Meteorologist Ron Rhodes this morning and he told us it's probably going to get a little ugly later this week.  While it should still have warm temperatures around 60 degrees, Ron told us:


"Tomorrow (Wednesday) we're going to be close to a record high.  And then on Thursday, same deal.  We'll be in the mid-60's, BUT we could see INCHES PLURAL of rain tomorrow and Thursday.  It looks like we could see 3-4 inches of rain when it's all said and done.  And then we're going to get real cold on Friday."


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