As the weather is warming up and spring is right around the corner many of us are starting to look for places to vacation to.  I know things are still weird with COVID and many aren't totally comfortable going on an actual away vacation just yet, so many are opting to go the staycation route.  If you're looking for different places to staycation with much to do, what about renting a cabin inside Harmonie State Park?

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I had no idea there were even cabins for rent located in the state park, but it turns out there are! They have several, so at night you can have a comfy place to crash while exploring Harmonie State Park during the day.  So what is there to do inside Harmonie State Park?  There's seriously SO MUCH you can do. If you enjoy hiking or biking, they have several trails you can enjoy. There's also a pool located near the cabins so you can cool off after a long hike. They also have areas where you can fish, just make sure you have your license or go on a free fishing day, and there's a nature center inside the park.    Harmonie State Park is also near New Harmony, Indiana where you can do a lot of exploring and shopping.  Here's how Indiana DNR describes Harmonie State Park:

Harmonie State Park is located "on the banks of the Wabash" 25 miles northwest of Evansville. A beautiful swimming pool, shady picnic areas, ravines and pristine landscape await you here. This is a trail lover's paradise! Trails for walking, biking and nature hikes will lure you for a visit.

Sounds kind of like the perfect getaway for a relaxing staycation right?  You can rent a cabin through the cabin below is $85/night which isn't expensive at all for a cabin that sleeps up to 8 people!

Spend Your Next Staycation at a Cabin in Harmonie State Park

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