People love to donate money to charity, and they will help a non-profit organization for a number of reasons. Maybe they are super passionate about the cause, or maybe the organization has helped a friend or family member, or maybe they just love the feeling of helping those in need. Whatever the reason might be, it almost never has to do with getting something in return for their donation, although that never hurts.

McDonald's is giving you the chance to help out an amazing organization, Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Ohio Valley, with the Sleeves for Support campaign. It has nothing to do with t-shirts or an arm full of tattoos - the sleeves we're talking about might more commonly be known as a coozie, and if there is anything I've learned in my 20+ years on the radio, it's that people LOVE coozies! You generally find coozies wrapped around some kind of canned beverage, maybe even a bottle, but have you ever seen a coozie on a fountain drink? You will now!

For just $5, you can purchase one of these special sleeves, which have been specifically designed to hold 30-ounce cups from McDonald’s. The sleeves are available now, while supplies last.

In addition to Sleeves for Support, you can help the Ronald McDonald House by rounding your bill up to the nearest dollar when you purchase a Happy Meal. Don't think that change will add up to much? Dig this, in 2019, nearly $215,000 was raised for RMHC inside local McDonald’s restaurants through these programs. How cool is that?

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