The events of the past several days have brought up a lot of different emotions for all of us. For me personally, it's hard to hear people chanting that officers should die or spray painting words that should never be repeated. My husband has been in law enforcement his entire career, and he doesn't deserve to be lumped into the bad officer stereotype. The same can be said for every police officer that I know. We have a lot of brave men and women serving our community, and willing to give up their own life to save others.

I believe that George Floyd and his family deserve justice. What happened to him is a crime, and the officers that didn't try to help or stop the violence should be punished too. I can't imagine being one of his family members and seeing the footage of his murder on every newscast.

When I see all of the destruction in cities that I love, like Louisville, my heart absolutely breaks. Fourth Street is hands down one of my favorite places to visit. That's where Guy Fieri's Smokehouse is, and if you've met me, you know how important that is. I'm so sad for all of the business owners that are losing money because peaceful protests turned into violent riots.

I'm all for standing up for what you believe in, but that doesn't have to include destroying businesses that have nothing to do with the cause. Even George Floyd's brother, Terrence Floyd, wants an end to the destruction. He told ABC News,

Don’t tear up your town, all of this is not necessary because if his own family and blood is not doing it, then why are you? “If his own family and blood are trying to deal with it and be positive about it, and go another route to seek justice, then why are you out here tearing up your community?

Evansville's Black Lives Matter Rally was a great example of a pretty peaceful protest. Voices were heard and nothing was set on fire. Mallory Jordan @maljothegreat attended the rally and captured this powerful photograph of a little boy named Dallas, experiencing this historic event. I feel like he represents the hope of the next generation.

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