Parlor Doughnuts now have an option for our furry friends!

Parlor Doughnuts changed the game in Evansville. From their unique flaky layered dough  doughnuts.  They are flaky, delicious, and drenched in toppings.  Now they've added some doughnuts for our favorite pups to enjoy too! Pawlor Doughnuts are dog doughnuts, they'll be available at the Parlor Doughnuts Green River Rd location as well as in the Parlor air stream if you see it around town.

The Dog days of summer are upon us. So we are rolling out our Dog Doughnuts! For purchase at our Green River location as well as our Fort Walton Airstream!

I love seeing businesses also cater to our furry companions. I always enjoy takinng my dogs for walks, and then getting them a special treat. Usually it's a small cup of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream, so this will be a fun way to change it up. Not to mention, then it's an excuse for me to also get a doughnut, and as a powerlifter, I'm always up for a doughnut.

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