Obi-Wan is finally getting his own movie, and the estate of Johnny Cash isn't tolerating any Nazi crap. These are today's PopBits.

After years of rumors, it seems like the fabled Obi-Wan Kenobi spinoff film is actually in the works. Lucasfilm doesn't have a script, director or actor yet, but this is still some good news. Obi-Wan is one of the many major characters in the Star Wars universe fans want to see more of in the films. Here's hoping Ewan McGregor can be convinced to come back on board.

The Man in Black was a known social activist, and his family is keeping that legacy alive and well today. Johnny Cash's daughter Rosanne wrote a lengthy Facebook post condemning the hatred and bigotry the neo-Nazis stand for, blasting a white supremacist "victim" from Charlottesville for daring to wear a Johnny Cash shirt in his laughable tear-filled video post.

The former Republican Governor of California and actor Arnold Schwarzengger took to Facebook to give President 45 a message about how to handle all the hate and bigotry. He called on the current administration to formally blast white supremacists, and Arnold also took time to inform the alt-right their heroes were losers.

There is literally nothing Michelle Obama can't do, and we've already seen her use her comedic acting chops on Parks and Recreation. It's a good day when we hear she'll also be making an appearance on the revival of Will and Grace. The former First Lady will appear as herself in some sort of role, so there's one more reason to tune in this fall.

The series finale of Teen Wolf, which will also be 100th episode of the series, will see the show out in style — MTV has announced the ultimate episode will be 50 minutes long. Something to sink your teeth into...

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