One of my friends shared a story about what he had to go through to find his pregnant wife an anniversary gift. If this doesn't get him some brownie points, I don't know what will.

My Facebook friend, Jeremy Stratton, always posts some funny and interesting content, but what he shared on Facebook yesterday was something straight out of a comedy movie. It's one of those stories about how far someone would go to make someone you love happy. Think Jingle All The Way except instead of getting a gift for your kid, you're finding the one thing that your pregnant wife has been craving.

He and his wife, Caitlin, just celebrated their anniversary. They are also expecting their first child together. As you know, pregnant women tend to have cravings for specific things. Caitlin was no exception. The only problem was, the thing she was craving was a little hard for Jeremy to find...but that didn't stop him from trying! My hats off to Jeremy for being husband of the year. As the saying goes, "happy wife, happy life."

Here's the story as told by Jeremy himself:

I am not always the best husband in the world, but when I'm "ON IT," Boy, I'm on it! My anniversary was yesterday, and the whole COVID fiasco pretty much ruined my plans for it. On top of that, my wife is pregnant so getting crazy and surprising her with a swim in the lovely Ohio river was out of the question (although mutant babies look cool in X-Men Movies, the truth is, my kid would look more like Sloth from The Goonies.)


She has been having a craving - a craving that I have been determined to satisfy. A craving that has changed her. I just want my old wife back! 

About a year ago I introduced my wife to Cream Soda and her world had never been the same since. She is also a huge fan of Dr Pepper. So, when she saw that Dr. Pepper had released a Cream Soda flavor, her soul left her body and desperately started scouring the Earth with some unfinished business. I immediately started calling all over the place and although the diet version of this treat is in excessive supply, the fat kid version might as well be hidden in the ark of the covenant; existing only in legends and myths.

But being the dedicated treasure hunter that I am, This Husband, of an expecting mother, found one. I called all over and finally talked to an essential worker that said they had one... just ONE.... in the cooler. I begged them to hold it. She said it wasn't policy but she would put it aside for a little bit. I got my daughter ready and jumped in my truck.

This is our story:

Newburgh Man Shares Epic Journey To Find The One Thing His Pregnant Wife Is Craving

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