Remember when there was a contest to design a new flag for the City of Evansville that ultimately ended up with us not getting a new flag for the City of Evansville? Well, a group of students from Perry Heights Middle School on Evansville's west side has decided "pick up the flag" and give it another run, and just like the last group to give it a shot, they're asking for your input.

Why a Flag Wasn't Created From the Previous Attempt

The first time a competition was started to design a new city flag was back in early 2020 by a group called, the Evansville Flag Project. The project launched roughly a month before the whole world shut down due to the COVID pandemic, so organizers pushed it back several months and relaunched it in August of that year. But, that's not the reason the project didn't produce a flag.

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After accepting submissions for months and narrowing the field down to four finalists, the Project gave residents one month to vote for their favorite in June of 2021. The winning design would then become the City's new flag beginning on August 12th (8-12, like our area code), 2021. But that never happened. Roughly two weeks before the voting period was set to close, organizers issued a press release stating it was pausing the project until further notice after being "advised by the City that the flag designs produced as a result of the current process created by the Evansville Flag Project are not supported by the City of Evansville." The statement went on to offer the Project's "vast knowledge base, resources, and/or details of our experience and process" to anyone interested in starting their own competition.

Enter the Evansville Flag Competition

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Nearly a year-and-a-half later, four students from Perry Heights have stepped up to be the group ready to give the competition another go with the Evansville Flag Competition.

Just like the first time, the students are accepting designs from Evansville residents, and while they encourage you to let your imagination run wild, they have set up the following guidelines:

  1. Keep it simple. It should be so simple that a child could draw it from memory
  2. You should use meaningful symbolism. The colors, images, or patterns should be related to what the flag symbolizes
  3. Use 2 to 3 basic colors
  4. No lettering or seals
  5. Be distinctive

The deadline for submissions is June 14th (2023) and you're allowed to submit up to four different versions. The submissions will be narrowed down to 21 finalists (one for each decade of the City's 210-year existence) by a group of "Community Ambassadors" selected by the students. These ambassadors are "veterans, teachers, first responders, community organization members/leaders, activists, lifelong Evansville residents, artists, faith leaders, and business owners." Once determined, the finalists will be revealed to the public who will get the chance to vote for their favorite.

If you or someone you know is interested in trying to replace the City's current flag (a dark-blue flag with the City seal in yellow in the center), download the application from the Evansville Flag Competition website.

[Source: Evansville Flag Competition]

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