Todd Schimmell is a pretty unique fella - he is an awesome school resource officer and Deputy for the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office, and he is a published author. His first book is a collection of poems called Nursery Rhymes for Humanity. Turns out that one book of poetry wasn't enough for Todd - he just recently released Nursery Rhymes for Humanity Volume II. Todd obviously loves kids and loves working with them and seeing them everyday at school, and one of his ambitions was to write a children's book, which he has just done.

Todd's latest project is a children's book called The Fun Reader (Adults Beware). Everything about the book feels mysterious, including the plain black cover, giving no indication of what's inside. The parenthetical title seems kind of ominous, at least for us adults. And all you'll find of the back cover is this warning...

This book contains magical powers. Once the first line is read there is no going back. You will be under the book's control much to the delight of the child you are reading to. Get ready for a hilarious time. Remember the book is only as fun as the Reader.

I thought the best may to solve the mystery was to go straight the man with all the answers - the book's author. So I got Todd on the phone, asked him to Be MY Guest and asked him to tell me what the book is really about. I gotta say that I don't feel like Todd gave me a straight answer - that knucklehead! He read the warning to me and told me it's a super fun book to read (fun for the reader and the audience). Through it all he remained kind of vague, almost like he wanted me to read it and find out for myself. I reckon I'll have to do that. Todd also proposes a fun contest for anyone that reads the book to some youngsters - You can hear that towards the end of our conversation below.

You can find all of Todd's books on or - they are all super affordable. Don't you think is a perfect opportunity to support local? Yeah, I thought so too. Get to it!

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