What started as a typical morning run quickly turned into a scary situation for one 24-year-old woman who is now using her experience to remind others to be aware of their surroundings — and always trust their gut.

Samantha MacIntyre, who shares content on TikTok under the username @sageandmaize, has been training for a half marathon and documenting her mileage on TikTok. She uses TikTok as a runner's journal and shares updates about her breathing patterns, comfort levels and tips to help inspire other runners.

Like most mornings, on Sept. 11 MacIntyre checked in on the social media platform to invite viewers to join her on her eight-mile jaunt. When she reached her fifth mile, she noticed something suspicious.

"Alright, I'm on a run right now, and there's this guy in a red car that's driven by me twice, and every time he drives by me, he has his arm out the window, and he's like looking behind when he's driving by," McIntyre told viewers

"It's making me really nervous. I haven't seen anyone in 10 minutes. I don't know if I'm being paranoid or what," she continued.

"Just documenting this, just in case," MacIntyre added, including a description of the car.

Over the next few miles, MacIntyre kept her viewers updated, informing them that the car had repeatedly passed by her.

As MacIntyre neared the end of her run, she spotted the car parked in an area leading back to where she had parked her vehicle. "I do not feel good about this," she explained as viewers watched her stop and stare at the car, contemplating what to do next.

"It's just one of those things where it's like, you don't think it's gonna happen to you until it happens to you. I don't want to risk anything," she continued, deciding not to pass by the stranger's car.

Instead, she approached a nearby house and asked the owners if she could wait in their yard for her parents to come to pick her up. She also called the police, who later pulled the man over for questioning.

Now, MacIntyre is urging people to pay attention and trust their gut.

"Just please be aware of your surroundings when you are going on runs, carry protection with you, just be safe," MacIntyre said. "If you have a gut feeling that something doesn't feel right, please go with that gut feeling."

MacIntyre's frightening experience comes just weeks after Eliza Fletcher was kidnapped and killed while on a morning run in Memphis, Tenn.

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