Today is a celebration of National Pina Coloda Day! So, where did the pina coloda originate and how do you make one?

Pina Coloda Recipe - Facebook
Pina Coloda Recipe - Facebook

The invention of the Pina Coloda, made with rum, coconut cream or coconut milk and pineapple juice with ice dates back to the '50's:

Two bartenders from Puerto Rico won a contest for the ownership of their national drink. Ramón "Monchito" Marrero Pérez claims to have first made it at the Caribe Hilton Hotel's Beachcomber Bar in San Juan in 1954, using Don Q Gold rum and the then newly-available coco lópezcream of coconutCoco lópez was developed in Puerto Rico in 1948 by Don Ramón López-Irizarry, hence the Puerto Rican connection and the 1952 account of the drink's creation. Some say the drink did not acquire its name until the 1960s.

It can also be made as a non-alcoholic drink, too! For a refreshing Pina Coloda recipe, click HERE. 

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