At the 2017 Frog Follies, Stacey and I had a rogue frog who decided to veer off course and jump into the crowd. We, obviously, did not win...but we're gonna try again at this year's Frog Follies, this weekend (August 24-26th).

We'd love to see you come out and cheer us (and our frog) on in the annual charity event hosted by the EasterSeals Rehabilitation Center. The 'race' is this Saturday, August 25th and scheduled to start at 3:15pm in the Industrial Building at the Vanderburgh County 4-H Fairgrounds. In order to get our frog to move, we are supposed to get on our hands and knees and 'tickle' the frogs butt with a feather, which must be kept in our mouth.

Your paid attendance allows Frog Follies organizers to make a donation to EasterSeals.

You can see firsthand how chaotic the situation gets once the frogs are released...

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