You're familiar with the phrase 'finders keepers' right? Well I'm invoking that age-old claim to the benefit of MY105.3 listeners. I was recently helping my mom move some furniture around when I uncovered a serious stash of cash in the couch cushions.

I realize that money is not mine, but I found it so I'm keeping it! Actually, my mom has agreed to let me keep the money as long as I give it away on the air. And she had one other condition - she wants to be a part of the contest.

Momma G wants to be the one to announce the daily cash codes at at 8am, 11am and 3pm. It's kinda hard to say NO to the woman who gave me life and is ponying up the prize money. So you definitely want to listen at those times for those words - they are the key to winning up to $5,000!

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