This year was filled with a ton of hilarious moments on the My Morning Show With Bobby & Stacey. The good news is, we caught some of them on video! I made a list of my top 5 videos in 2018.

1. How To Pronounce Dinosaur Names
This video makes me laugh so hard. I love it because it just shows Bobby and I hanging out being us.  This is exactly what it's like when the mics are on and off. We are cracking up and having a great time.

How Do I Deal With a Husband That Doesn't Want More Kids and I Do. (Ask Stacey)
I am the Founder of a Non-profit that encourages women to be the best version of themselves in whatever capacity that may be. We do a lot of programming for women and that is important to me.
With that being said,  I spend a lot of time on the show ding-donging around and this 'Ask Stacey' feature gave me the opportunity to tap into the 'Project Reveal' part of who I am.
Thank you to everyone who asked questions and cared what I thought about these important topics.

3. Fruitcake Tossing with Evansville Police Department
We had the EPD Crime Prevention Unit visit us each week for about six months. Each week we played a game and we laughed and laughed. Here is one example of fun times we had.

4. Best Chris Farley 'Matt Foley' Impression
I have had such a great time doing these impressions each week. Acting like an idiot is not new for me and this was always so much fun!

5. Freaky Friday Meets Halloween on My Morning Show
This one is actually probably my favorite but it's from 2017 so I put it at number five.

6. BONUS- These arms wrestling videos are so dang funny!! I am so competitive and I could not stand losing to Bobby! I am stronger than him dangit!

2016 - Arm Wrestling, Panama City Beach

2017- Arm Westling, Panama City Beach


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