With only a few weeks left in 2018, I decided to take a look back at the videos we've posted on our Youtube channel. There are a lot of great ones, but these really stood out to me!

This video is the audio interview that I did with The Property Brothers! I was super excited, as you'll hear, and it was on my birthday.

"Who wants to go shoot a fun video with the new UE coach"? I accepted that challenge, and decided to play P.I.G with Walter McCarty. No big deal, right? I mean he was just a professional in the NBA.

This video came about from another question yelled down the hall, "Who wants to go see Andrew Luck" Bobby and I twinned for this one, and I ended up with a stalker selfie!

I'm proud of this video, because the kids were having so much fun, and so was I! Usually, kids and most adults are shy around the microphone, but not this class.

Get ready for a little TMI! I was pretty brave to do this photo shoot, and to put this video together. If you ever get the chance to to a Boudoir photo shoot, do it!

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