This month we are giving away pieces of the ESPN Evansville man cave - and we have some GREAT prizes. In order to qualify, you must be able to tell us who the All-Star of the Day is. You can find that out by either listening throughout the day, or by being a member of our MVP Club. Find out today's All-Star and contest time here. First of all, thanks for being a member of the ESPN Evansville MVP Club. To show our appreciation, we want to give you an advantage during this contest.  You can check here each day to see who the All-Star of the Day is and to find out when Ford & O'Bryan will give the contest cue to call in the afternoon. Be ready to call in and win a new ESPN Evansville t-shirt and get qualified to win a piece of our man cave.

The All-Star of the Day for Wednesday, October 28th is...


The contest cue to call will be given by Ford & O’Bryan at approximately 3:45pm

The number to call is 1-877-945-7625

  • one of those chunky, gnarly Yeti coolers
  • a sweet neon sign from our friends at Coors Light
  • a comfy new recliner from River City Furniture in Owensboro
  • a big, fat Fervor gas grill from Comb's Landscaping

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