According to a post on Facebook, residents in the St. Wendel, Posey County, IN  area need to be on the lookout for a Mountain Lion. Last seen a couple of years ago, residents have once again spotted it lurking around the same wooded area where it was suspected of killing a family pet.

Is it really a Mountain Lion that we are seeing? Authorities say that their IS small chance that one could pass by Southern Indiana, in fact, these animals used to live all over the US. But, at this point, the chances of us actually seeing one is highly unlikely. If you want to learn more about mountain lions, click here!

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources helps identify a Mountain Lion.

The mountain lion is a large, slender cat, with a long rope-like tail. Adults are a uniform tan or tawny in color, with a white or cream-colored chin, undersides and inner legs.

Bobcats, feral cats and domestic dogs may be misidentified as mountain lion. Below is a list of physical characteristics that distinguish mountain lions from more common species.


  • Coat overall is tawny but can vary
  • Belly, underside, inside legs and chin are white or creamy
  • Black-tipped tail
  • Some black on the front of the muzzle, below the nose
  • Back of the ears are solid black or gray
  • No black phases have been documented in North America, only South America


  • Approximately 3-4 inches in length and 3-4.5 inches wide
  • Round and often wider than they are long
  • No claws

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