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If you don't have an ice rink in your town, well just have your husband put one in your backyard. That is exactly what a husband did for his loving wife. Just think if you have kids how many hours they would be out in the yard playing and not on their phones, playing video games, and well, just getting out of the house. And think of how many date nights you can have just in your backyard. Endless fun, I think!

Seems to be easy to make. Shape out the size of the rink, get water, and fill the shape. Seems easy, but I am sure there's a bit more that goes into making something like a skating rink. So, of course, I found a how-to video for you, just in case you want to put a rink in your backyard, and if you do I want to see it.

Again, seems easy, but I will let someone else build this my dogs would have their tounges frozen to the ice on cold winter days.

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