Watching people, and laughing at people who fall has been a popular source of entertainment for a long time. People falling has been the cornerstone of America's Funniest Videos for decades, and many other shows have been built around our desire to see other people bite the dust.

I'll be honest, I have a hard time watching people fall. It makes me think about my own up close and personal encounters with the concrete. I can empathize with their pain, and I really don't find it amusing to watch someone get hurt. That being said, I can certainly bust a gut when I know that the 'victim' is fine, and not injured.

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Often times, what ends up being funnier than the actual fall is the person trying to prevent the fall. All of us watching know that their efforts are futile - arms and feet flailing around, trying to regain balance and stay upright - only to end up wiping out eventually.

That struggle NOT to fall is one of the things that makes this video so hilarious. It one of three things actually. It's also hilarious because the video is played in reverse, so you actually see this fella end up on his feet. The final funny component is the Michael Jackson-eque sounds that appear to match up perfectly.

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