Today, the Evansville Police Department addressed the recent threates being made aagainst EVSC schools:

EPD: We are aware of, and investigating, separate threats made against multiple Evansville high schools. Dispatch has been inundated with calls about the threats. We have the basic info. We are now seeking info on a suspect or suspects. If you have specific info, please call EPD.

Just in case you're wondering if the school system is working with law enforcement, to put an end to the recent social media threats. The answer is yes.

Message from David Smith, Superintendent of the EVSC:
 The senseless acts of violence happening around our country are making our nation fearful for our youth. Unfortunately, yet another social media threat went viral this morning, although law enforcement had already determined it was directed toward schools in another county. This once again resulted in our students, parents and staff being concerned about their safety. As a parent myself, I understand the effect these rumors have on our entire community. Please know we continue to evaluate all of the security measures we have in place in our EVSC schools. We value the strong working partnership with both the Evansville Police Department and the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office. We will continue to use our communication systems and social media to keep you informed. And if there is a credible threat, I assure you we will have a swift response. Finally, I ask for your help. Please talk to your students about not sharing unfounded rumors on social media as this makes the investigation much more difficult. If you become aware of a potentially dangerous situation please contact your school or law enforcement. I can promise you the EVSC and local law enforcement will continue to monitor social media outlets. Individuals who post statements intended to elicit fear will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law. Thank you.
I'm a parent, and my son goes to an EVSC school. My husband is one of the officers that protect our schools. Do these threats freak me out? Of course. But, we need to be paying attention to the kids that aren't saying anything. Kids that feel neglected, and could be holding a grudge against the world. If you think someone needs help, they probably do. I can't tell you to send your kids to school without worrying. I worry about literally everything. Just know that the authorities are working non-stop to end the threats that are making everyone afraid to go to school.
Finally, the Evansville Prosecutor's office chimed in with a warning to anyone who is thinking about threatening the schools:
Michael J.Perry, Warrick County Prosecutor: Making anonymous threats on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc. is not a game. We take the safety of our students, teachers, coaches and all other school employees very seriously. Rest assured, we will use all due diligence to investigate these threats and hold those individuals accountable for the apprehension, fear, and anguish they have caused and continue to cause. Warrick County law enforcement and Warrick County schools have been engaged for quite some time to ensure that our schools are safe havens, and will continue to do so. One final note - I used the word anonymous to begin this post - however, no one is truly anonymous, we will find you, and will punish accordingly. Enough is enough.
If you hear of any threats, please call 911

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