Congress is on the verge of passing COVID-19 emergency funding, and places like Mesker Park Zoo and CMoe need help to make sure that non-profit museums and zoos get in on that emergency funding.

Here's how you can help them out.  First off the zoo, Mesker Park Zoo is a part of the AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) and the AZA is working to help make sure zoos and aquariums can secure emergency funding as they've been operating on a smaller budget than usual due to the shut down.  Here's what the AZA says about needing these funds:

Like other sectors of the economy, AZA-accredited facilities are facing significant hardships in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.  They are temporarily closed or operating at reduced capacity.  However, AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums face the unique challenge of retaining sufficient staff and supplies to care for their animals.  This will further strain budgets at a time when fewer guests are coming through their gates.

Policymakers need to hear directly from you about the need to include zoos and aquariums in COVID-19 relief and economic stimulus packages.
Please contact Congress to express your support for assistance for zoos and aquariums in economic stimulus legislation.
They've made it very easy to contact your legislators using a fill in the blank form on the AZA's website, you can click here to get all the info, and fill out the form.
Now here's how to help non-profit museums like CMoe.  The Association of children's museums are working hard to advocate for museums to be included in the emergency funding as well.  They ask that you contact legislators to help make sure they are also included in the emergency funding.
Here's what CMoe says about how you can help them out:
It's time to SPEAK up!The Children's Museum of Evansville needs your help. Congress is days away from passing COVID-19 emergency funding.

Follow the link below and urge your legislators to include funding for non-profit museums, aquariums, zoos and performing arts centers.

Learn more:

Our community is a brighter place because of two great organizations like Mesker Park Zoo and CMoe, so please help them out.  Together we can make sure legislators hear us.
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