According to Etsy, Sloths were set to replace the unicorn as the 'It' animal in 2019. It might be taking them a little longer than that, but that's just a sloth being a sloth. There is a lot of excitement surrounding the furry creatures, even though they don't really do much of anything. They sleep almost all day, we're talking 15 to 20 hours. I don't think I even sleep that much in a week. I'm starting to see the appeal of the sloth lifestyle. The sloth is one of the slowest mammals on the planet. How slow? So slow, that green algae grows on their fur. That's alright with them because it helps to keep them hidden from predators. Sloths do everything possible to stay away from trouble, including always going potty in the same spot. Oh, and according to, they only potty once a week. It's possible that's how long it takes for them to get back to that spot.

Beginning March 7, 2020, you'll be able to see what a sloth does, up close and personal. Luna, the two-toed sloth is moving into Wilstem Ranch in French Lick, IN. Wilstem is home to all kinds of unique animal encounters. You can feed a grizzly bear, take one-of-a-kind photos with a giraffe, and see all sorts of different animals.

The Sloth Encounter will give you the chance to learn about sloths in a small group setting. Luna is a toe-toed sloth with a unique personality. Imagine how cool you'll be with a sloth selfie! Times will book up fast, so check the availability before you make the trip to French Lick.

Fine Print Details: 

* Participants 16 years old and younger must be accompanied by a paying parent or guardian over the age of 18

* Children 4 and under will not be able to participate in the feeding of the lemurs.

* The Sloth encounter is under the supervision of our staff and they reserve the right to remove participants from the encounter if deemed necessary for the safety of the animals or participants.

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