Before I continue with the article, can I ask one question? Can we all agree that there is just something different about a fountain Coke from McDonald's than from anywhere else? If I can quote the young people - it hits different, right?

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Okay, now that we've established that, let me tell you what dozens of local McDonald's restaurants are doing this week. Over 100 McDonald's restaurants are offering a FREE beverage to healthcare workers from March 14-18. I realize the headline of this article says Southern Indiana, but the fact is this offer is also available in Illinois, Kentucky, and even Missouri.

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Why Is McDonald's Giving Away FREE Drinks?

I'll answer that question with my own question - why the heck NOT? I know several people who work in healthcare, and I have an idea of what life has been like for them over the past two years - and getting a free soda pop from time to time is the least we can do for them. McDonald's wants to celebrate the extraordinary efforts of our local healthcare heroes during the pandemic and every day for our community.

Michael Burrell is a local McDonald's owner/operator, he says, “We know that during the toughest of times, we can count on our healthcare heroes to be there for us. We appreciate the sacrifices they make every day to keep our communities healthy.”

How Do I Get My FREE Drink?

All you have to do is swing by a participating McDonald's location (keep in mind that some hours may vary), hit the drive-thru, order your drink (no other purchase is necessary), show them your valid healthcare ID badge, and that drink is on the house.

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Participating Locations

Like I mentioned before, there are literally more than 100 different McDonald's locations that are participating in this offer. You should be good to go at just about any McDonald's in Southern Indiana, Western Kentucky, Southeastern Illinois, and even parts of Missouri.

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