Everyone loves a good snack, right?  In my humble opinion I think that popcorn is one of the best ever.  It's so simple but so delicious.  Somehow, someway the fine folks at ACTII have found a way to make popcorn that much better.

In the last couple of years it seems like we have had an obsession with macaroni and cheese.  The simple dish from our childhoods has now been spun into a many different variations.  I mean we even put expensive seafood in it.  Any who, the reason I went off track there was because today I found put that ACTII, the popcorn company, will be releasing a mac and cheese flavored popcorn.  Not really sure who asked for this but I'm not complaining.

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Other than knowing the fact that this popcorn will be released there isn't much else to report.  All I can really tell you is that the combo of popcorn and mac and cheese is happening and it's happening "soon".  That being said, I'm sure that within the next few weeks we will start to see boxes of this new snack all over grocery stores.  Maybe it will be an Easter release?

If you take a look at this Instagram post from junkfoodmom you'll see that the person behind the post does bring up an interesting question.   Won't this pretty much be like cheesy popcorn?  I'm going to go out on a limb here and say probably.  However, given the fact that this popcorn is microwave popcorn and not straight from the bag it should have a few more mac and cheesy qualities.

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