Need some extra cash?  Listen to My 105.3 WJLT for "MY Cash Code" for a chance to win $1,000 twice each weekday beginning Monday, April 3rd sponsored by Grandy's!   Here's more details:  

Joe Raedle, Getty Images
Joe Raedle, Getty Images

Listen to hear the MY Cash Code at 7:10am with Bobby and Stacey and again at 4:10pm with Deb Turner.  Then submit that code at for a chance to win a cool grand!  It's that easy!

Keep listening to win!  Make sure to spread the word and tell all your friends!  It's the "MY Cash Code" from Grandy's and the NEW MY 105.3 WJLT!  #MyCashCode  #WinOneThousandDollars   #MyStationisgivingmefreemoney



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