News from Kenergy this morning.  The regional utility company is following the lead of OMU and other utilities around the country and is suspending disconnects during the coronavirus crisis.  According to a Kenergy Communications Specialist Leslie Neeley, "Starting March 17, 2020, Kenergy will not disconnect for non-payment for a limited time. While this is not normal procedure, we are sensitive to the situation and well-being of our members."

Of course, Kenergy wants to stress that "delaying disconnections in no way relieves members of the obligation to ultimately pay for electric service."

Members will continue to receive bills as normal.  If you or someone you know is experiencing financial difficulty during this time, you're encouraged to contact Kenergy at 800-844-4832.

Just yesterday, OMU took similar steps to protect and reassure their customers.

But OMU did take another step and precaution as well. The utility has officially closed its Customer Service Center TFN.  Customers can use a variety of payment options available by calling 270-926-3200 or online at

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