Remember when TV show themes were actual songs with words? Some of them were even played on the radio! Wow, that makes me sound old...LOL!

Trying to narrow my choices to only 3 was really hard. Evidently, all I did as a child was watch TV, and memorize the themes.

Honorable Mention:

The Facts of Life - The theme changed slightly each season, but the words stayed the same. Remember when George Clooney was in it? ;)

The Jeffersons - This one stands out to be because you can use lines from the song in conversations. Johnny really has made it, he has finally "Moved on up to the East Side"

Happy Days - This one almost made the Top 3, I even have the Christmas ornament jukebox that plays it! Oh, and I keep out year round in my kitchen.

A few that I don't consider "Classic", but I love: Fresh Prince, Friends, The Heights, and Smallville.

3. Silver Spoons - Ricky Schroeder was one of my first crushes. And to this day, I would love to have video games & a train to ride through the house on!

2. Growing Pains - I remember the first time that I ever heard this one. We didn't get channel 7 at my house, and my friend, Janelle kept talking about this great show, with a hot guy in it! So, I went to her house on a Thursday night (I think) and soon after, I was plotting to meet & marry Kirk Cameron.

1. Family Ties - Alex P. Keaton is the reason I watched Family Ties religiously. Do you see a theme in my favorites? LOL! This really is a great song. The show probably ran a little longer that it should've, but it will always be one of my favs :)

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