Taylor Merriss from the Evansville Police Department joined us again this week for another edition of You Down With EPD? I had an idea of where the conversation was going – we planned to talk about her recent trip to Texas; we wanted to get her thoughts on our question of the day; and we wanted to talk about her upcoming charity boxing match at Guns & Hoses 2021 – but I had NO idea things were going to take such a dark turn. To be clear, none of this was Taylor’s fault – all the blame belongs to Liberty alone. More on that in just a minute – there is something else I want to discuss first.

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What Does ‘Making Groceries’ Mean?

Random question, I know – here is some much needed context. During her trip to Texas (Taylor, Anna, and Phil were attending a conference for Public Information Officers), Taylor met a couple from Louisiana. During the course of conversation, this woman said something like “I need to go make groceries.” Is that a southern way of saying you need to prepared dinner? Nope, that’s not it. None of us, including Taylor, had ever heard that expression before, but she explains what it means at about 1:36 of our interview below.

Liberty’s Horrible (and Illegal) Advice

Taylor is taking part in the annual Guns & Hoses charity boxing event between cops and firefighters. Taylor has a rematch with the woman who beat her in their previous bout. This is obviously an important fight for Taylor, as she is trying to erase that loss from her record. There I am, listening to Taylor talk about her opponent and how she’s feeling about the fight – were all laughing at a perfect Karate Kid reference - when all of the sudden, out of nowhere, Liberty chimes in with a sinister suggestion for how Taylor could guarantee a win. I’ve heard Liberty say a LOT of strange things during our time together, but this might be the darkest thing she’s said on the air. You can hear it at the 3:53 mark of our interview. I’ll just say this – do NOT anger Liberty, you would not like her when she’s angry.

Taylor Merriss interview from 6/2/21

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