If you had the pleasure of meeting Jonni Shandor last year at Evansville Raptor Con or Evansville Horror Con, you already know that she is a great actress and a genuinely nice person. Jonni stars in a Publix grocery store commercial that showcases her range. You can watch the new extended version of the emotional below, but first, allow me to brag on Jonni for a minute.

Who is Jonni Shandor?

From a young age, Jonni Shandor has been a name synonymous with creativity and talent. With a journey that started at the tender age of six, she's gone on to conquer the realms of theater, film, writing, special effects artistry, and even cosplaying. Her passion for storytelling and the arts knows no bounds, and her diverse skill set has established her as a true force in the world of entertainment.

Photo: Bob Knoll
Photo: Bob Knoll

But it doesn't end with her work in horror. Jonni's creative spirit extends to the realm of special effects and cosplaying, where she brings characters to life through intricate and masterful transformations. The art of SFX is her canvas, and she wields her tools with finesse to create astonishing visual experiences.

Evansville Horror Con 2024

I know that Jonni was in her element at Evansville Horror Con. Not only did she run a special effects workshop, where she shared her talents with other youngsters, Jonni also helped run the  Makeup Mayhem Special Effects Makeup Contest. I personally loved seeing her interact with Legendary makeup artist Ve Neill.


See the 'Extended' Emotional Publix Commercial Starring Jonni Shandor

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Fangoria Influencer

With classical training and a penchant for captivating audiences on both stage and screen, Jonni Shandor has proved that age is no barrier to greatness. But her talents don't stop there—she's also a skilled writer, crafting narratives that intrigue and mesmerize. Her love for the macabre has led her down the path of horror, earning her the distinction of being a Fangoria influencer, where her insights and opinions hold weight in the realm of the chilling and thrilling.

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