The rumors were true! Johnny Depp made a brief appearance at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards. And it was... weird.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star floated above the stage at Prudential Center in New Jersey Sunday (Aug. 28) in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo. In fact, some failed to even recognize him. His face was featured on a video screen on a life-size Moon Person — the show's instantly recognizable trophy figure.

Check out footage from his virtual appearance below:

His brief, bizarre cameo marked one of his most public appearances since the conclusion of his very public legal battle with his estranged former wife Amber Heard. During the trial, both were found liable for defamation.

Depp posted about his appearance during the awards show. "Guess who," he wrote in an Instagram caption alongside brief footage of the floating Moon Person.

Viewers took to social media to react to Depp's appearance at the awards show.

Some took issue with the show for including him in the wake of his ex-wife's abuse allegations.

"Honestly f--k the VMAs for including Johnny Depp," one incensed viewer wrote. "The entire crowd of Amber's industry peers are cheering for her abuser. it makes me sick. the industry hasn't changed at all. not surprised, but still so disappointed."

"'Johnny Depp's big comeback' and it made no noise. Not a single scream, not a single clap, NOTHING!" another tweeted.

Others were much more excited to see him on the stage again.

"Johnny Depp said if there's going to be a joke, I'm going to make it and I love that for him," one person enthused. Some even expressed wishes that he had performed instead of just floating across the stage.

Check out these and more reactions below:

Last week, TMZ reported that Depp was in talks to make his small screen comeback at the awards show. While the actor is renowned for his work on screen, he has also picked up five VMAs over the years for his musical work.

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